Leveraging Innovation

The Cmolik Prize

Awarded biennially, the Cmolik Prize for the Enhancement of Public Education in BC is a $100,000 prize that recognizes recipients who have developed and implemented an invention, innovation, concept, process or procedure that enhances educational practice in the K to 12 public school system in BC.

The award was endowed to the Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University by Ellen and Russ Cmolik. The Prize was inspired by their passion for education and their insights gained from their visits to schools around the world. It encourages practitioners, researchers, administrators and policymakers to enrich teaching and stimulate learning, helping students develop life skills and become productive and responsible members of our community.

On the Horizon

Cmolik Housing

Housing challenges are often a barrier for students attending post-secondary. Russ Cmolik has purchased three condominiums near SFU, Surrey Centre, which will be used to provide affordable housing for a small number of selected Cmolik Foundation Scholarship students. Cmolik Housing anticipates opening in Fall 2018.

Funding Projects, Supporting Organizations

Ocean Park Foundation

Established in 2014, The Ocean Park Foundation was designed to fund pilot projects, providing funds to deserving organizations. The Ocean Park Foundation is guided by a Board of Directors that includes Russ Cmolik, Ellen Cmolik, Nick Saklas, Kelly Cmolik, Sarah McLeod, and Tina Boyd as advisor. Like Cmolik, the Ocean Park Foundation is a family foundation.