Grade Six Students Bring the Heat to Surrey Fire Department


“One of the students was ecstatic as he had always dreamed of being a firefighter– watching him get the opportunity to experience the fire station in-action was heart-warming” – a Cmolik volunteer speaking about a student

On a sunny day in May, the grade sixes headed over to the Surrey Fire Department to enjoy an action-packed day led by the wonderful firefighters of Surrey to explore careers in firefighting. A tour of burning buildings was guided by the firefighters, students watched the firefighters in action, learning the step-by-step of how they safely extinguish burning buildings. The grade sixes then participated in an obstacle course simulating the training firefighters undergo to become certified, getting the chance to extinguish fire! The students also had the opportunity to become certified in Standard First Aid, learning how to respond to emergencies and save lives. As the grade sixes ended their fun-filled day, they left with newfound knowledge in fire safety and inspiration for a potential career in firefighting!

-Written by Lucy MacKinnon, Cmolik editor