Career development for kids

New skills and aspirations

Expanding Horizons sponsors extraordinary field trips, inspiring summer camps, and practical CPR and Red Cross certificate training sessions for inner-city students, from Grade 5 to 7. We believe that participating in career development opportunities helps transition our youth into responsible adults.

Field Trips

Hands-on learning

Examples of TCF Expanding Horizons programs:

  • Take a flight in a helicopter or small airplane
  • Tour the air traffic control tower at Boundary Bay airport
  • Explore the BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus
  • Attend a professional sporting event or an arts/entertainment production
  • Visit a major provincial hospital, which may include tours of a laboratory, maternity ward, mechanical and carpentry areas, operating room, ultrasound room and x-ray room
  • Enjoy a gourmet dinner at one of the finest restaurants in the area

Summer Camps

We partner with Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Surrey campus to provide summer day camps for student from Grades 5 to 7. We also fundĀ a 10-year SFU feasibility study analyzing the effectiveness of Expanding Horizons. SFU summer day camps seek to remove the intimidation of university settings for these students, many of whom will be the first in their families to attend a post-secondary institution.

Tuition Passports

We have created mini-scholarships, which are set aside as tuition certificates, “redeemable” upon graduation from high school and for entry into post-secondary: Grade 5: $200, Grade 6: $300, Grade 7: $500; a total of $1,000 for students achieving perfect attendance over their three years of summer camp.