Expanding Horizons Camp


Newfound passions for STEM bloomed, and existing interests were strengthened at this year’s SFU Summer Camp. Students had an unforgettable week, gaining insight into STEM careers through the use of drones, robotics, coding activities and virtual reality while additionally having the chance to step foot on a university campus.

BCIT generously accommodated our group of grade sevens with a tour full of interactive activities throughout the facilities on campus; the students were able to learn moulage wound makeup, creating grimy cuts and bruises that looked frighteningly realistic, tested housing insulation by filling houses with smoke, and watched a great blue whale swim by as they dove into the world of virtual reality. The students additionally were given the chance to try their hand at news broadcasting for the day and ventured into the healthcare labs to learn CPR!

Back at the SFU Surrey campus, grade fives worked with various robotics and drones while the grade sixes filmed career-themed movies. By the end of the week, the students were comfortable with both coding and campuses!

Not only were students given the chance to explore post-secondary institutions and fields of studies, they were additionally presented with tuition passports which included generous funds redeemable to students with perfect attendance to help fund their post-secondary education. All in all, the students had a richly rewarding four days that no doubt left them aspiring to pursue education after high school.

-Written by Lucy MacKinnon, Cmolik Scholar