Aviation Field Trip!


“That was the best experience of my life”, exclaimed Vice Principal Sean Chambers. “But what was even better was seeing all the kids smile after their flights!”.

This past May the grade five students explored aviation careers at the Boundary Bay airport and the BCIT Aviation campus, introducing students to the wonders of flight and related STEM occupations.

The students discovered and experienced careers in aviation through hands-on activities at the facilities, exploring the control tower deck and observing the air traffic controllers in-action directing the planes and got the chance to participate in simulations used by pilots in-training to fly a mock flight with turbulence and all! All afternoon private planes and helicopters at the Pacific Flying Club were full of students as they boarded the aircrafts to fly over their city and school, wearing headsets and listening in on the communication between pilots and the aviation control center. The day wasn’t over as the grade fives headed over to the BCIT Aviation Campus in Richmond for a tour of the facilities. They observed current BCIT students as they constructed and fixed various parts of the planes in the workshops. The students were fascinated as they boarded stationed planes, exploring the cockpits and motor parts of the plane they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.

The night finished off with a fine dining experience at Pier 73 where the students enjoyed a three-course dinner and earned COPA Pilot Certificates from their pilots who had flown with them. The day was a great success and surely inspired our future generation of pilots to come!


-Written by Lucy MacKinnon, Cmolik scholar