Expanding Horizons

Expanding Horizons is a program developed by TCF whereby grade 5 students at a designated inner city  school receive two extraordinary field trips per year. In addition to the field trips, TCF has partnered with Simon Fraser University (SFU), Surrey Campus to provide summer day camps for students in grades 5, 6 and 7 from the same selected school. TCF is also funding a 10 year feasibility study through SFU regarding the effectiveness of the Expanding Horizons program.

Our goal is to create a framework for the provincial government and school districts to model in other communities. TCF  provides opportunities and introduces new skills such as table manners and wise choices. We believe participating in activities outside of their community, which are linked to career opportunities, will help prepare these young students to  develop into responsible adults. TCF believes that it is more efficient to spend money upfront in the development of our children.  Helping children to become responsible, independent and self sufficient adults may avoid future government funding on social programs for these students.

Included in the annual field trips is a Wise Choices workshop. The Wise Choices workshop teaches students about potential consequences of their choices. This workshop also reinforces TCF values:  Be Trustworthy, Work Hard, Stay Off Drugs and Stay Away From Gangs.

TCF manages every aspect of the field trips including creating the activity, linking the field trip to future career opportunities, organizing volunteers, chaperons, transportation and funding of the field trips.

The goal is to expand the student’s horizons by providing new experiences they may not otherwise have the opportunity to receive. By exposing students to new experiences and linking the field trips to future career opportunities we believe this will generate aspirations for higher learning and continued education. Many of these students will be the first member of their family to attend a post secondary institution.  Attending the SFU summer day camp removes the intimidation factor of university for these students.

A sample of a typical field trip for TCF Expanding Horizons program is as follows:

Example Trip One:

  • Tour of BCIT Aerospace & Technology Campus and Aviation Museum in Richmond, B.C.
  • Organized flights in various recreational aircraft (15 minute flight per student) at the Boundary Bay airport
  • Tour of the air traffic control tower
  • Tour of Heli One (a mechanical shop hanger)
  • Visit to our Wise Choices workshop
  • Attend a professional sporting event or an arts/entertainment production
  • Dinner at a fine dining restaurant

Example Trip Two:

  • Major provincial hospital, which may include tours of a maternity ward, x-ray room, ultra sound room, laboratory, operating room, kitchen facilities, mechanical and carpentry areas
  • Attend a professional sporting event or an arts/entertainment production
  • Dinner at a fine dining restaurant